The Night Sky

Poems by Frederick Morgan
Photographs by Gaylen Morgan
Introduction by Emily Grosholz

Story Line Press
Price: $40.00
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The book’s type is set in Spectrum.
Designed by Carolyn Eckert, Northampton, Massachusetts.
Production coordinated by Susan Medlicott, Whately, Massachusetts.
Printed by Stamperia Valdonega, Verona, Italy.

“The photos follow the poems they illustrate, which is a felicitous arrangement, creating a kind of textual-visual dialogue. After reading the exquisite “Actaeon”, one of several poems based on myth, in which a man suffers metamorphosis and death for having glimpsed a naked deity, one turns to an equally exquisite photograph of a nude figure stretched on the ledge of a glassy Maine quarry.”
– Carl Little, Bangor Daily News

” …the first thing one notices about The Night Sky is its exquisite design. Ample margins and careful imposition of text allow the poems to fit comfortably on the page, enclosed in an elegant black cloth binding. Gaylen Morgan, …contributes black and white photographs that match perfectly the sensibility of each poem…
…the sheer beauty of the Morgan collaboration puts to rest the notion that traditional books are irrelevant. This book should be a part of everyone’s library.”
– Michael Peich, The Philadelphia Inquirer

“A gorgeous book – the combination of poems and pictures is striking and apt in every case.”
– Mark Jarman

Images from The Night Sky

At The QuarryDoloresHighgate, LondonMay Night, ManhattanMemorial, Blue HillMemorial, Deer IsleMoon Girl